YouTube debuts a new app for video editing, and a slew of AI-driven features across YouTube

If Sundar Pichai’s Google I/O keynote wasn’t enough of the “AI” dose for you, there’s more incoming, this time from YouTube. The video platform announced a slew of new features, almost all driven by AI or generative AI in some manner or the other, and mostly focused around making lives easier for creators. Additionally, YouTube also debuted ‘YouTube Create’, a new on-the-go app that allows video editing, adding of effects and more. The announcements came at the platforms annual ‘Made on YouTube’ event.

YouTube Create

Let’s start with YouTube Create, a new mobile app for easy video editing, that also allows adding soundtrack, video effects and more. And if you feel, doesn’t Tiktok have something similar, then you aren’t alone. But what works to YouTube’s advantage, is the fact that its actually available in most major internet markets globally, while Tiktok isn’t.

The tool aims to address some of the challenges creators face, including the editing process and the ability to leverage creative tools, including things like stickers, GIFs and effects, for example. YouTube says it consulted over 3000 creators in building the app. Currently in beta on Android in select markets, this free app can be used to make both Shorts as well as longer videos.

Dream Screen on Shorts

First among the slew of AI-driven features is the ‘Dream Screen’. It is a new AI feature on Shorts, that allows creators to create a AI-generated video or image background just by typing in what they wish to see as backgrounds.

The idea is to eventually help creators, who may not have a full production studio setup and still want to use light animations as backgrounds. An example of the same, which you can see above is ‘panda drinking coffee’ prompt, that created that background, which can be used as it is or as a part of a Shorts video.

AI Insights and Assistive Search for Music

More of AI and generative AI in particular, is coming in to YouTube. A new feature will now suggest creators on what subject they can look at, for making their next videos. Called “AI insights for Creators,” the inspiration tool will generate ideas based on data about what audiences are already watching, said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan at the Made On YouTube event.

In an initial test, the platform says more than 70 percent of surveyed creators said it’s helped them develop and test ideas for videos.

“The process of developing an idea for a video is time-consuming, and it can feel a lot like hit and hit or miss guesswork until the video finally posts and comments start rolling in,” said Mohan. “This insight is just a jumpstart to the creator’s process. Now, Mahna is freed up to think about all the ways she’ll make the video in her own style.”

It will launch in YouTube Studio next year.

Originally posted 2023-09-21 17:38:14.