7 Exciting Ideas To Celebrate Halloween at the Office

Blood, skeletons, bats – these are typically not associated with office life. However, isn’t the essence of a celebration to make what’s usually considered taboo a bit more acceptable? Surprisingly, Halloween fits this description perfectly. Here we’ll explore innovative ideas for celebrating Halloween in your office.

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at the Office

According to a survey, employees who are allowed to celebrate Halloween at the office tend to be more motivated and take pride in their company. Here are some fun ways for Halloween celebrations at your workspace.

1. Office Decorations

The concept of “beauty” has always been a subject of debate. For Kant, it’s what universally pleases without the need for a concept, and for Hegel, it’s “the presentation of truth.” But corporate offices aren’t exactly known for their aesthetic appeal. So, why not immerse them in decorations? For a day or even a whole week, create a spooky Halloween atmosphere with cobwebs, orange and black garlands, and gory accessories. Replace the mundane with the eerie.

2. Horror Movie Night

Watching horror movies with your colleagues might sound unusual, but it can be a thrilling experience. This activity is particularly suited for startups and small businesses where close-knit teams can gather in front of a screen or a projector.

If you’re struggling to decide which horror movies to watch, consult your coworkers for recommendations or explore the internet for ideas.

3. Spooky Delights

The difference between a regular treat and a Halloween treat? Presentation, of course! Whether it’s sweet or savory, for a full meal, dessert, or just a snack, there are countless recipes on the internet that not only taste great but also look terrifyingly delightful.

Consider creepy chocolate-covered spiders, eerie mimosa eyes, gruesome earthworm muffins, or ghastly mini pizzas with mozzarella.

4. Office Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-treating is a quintessential Halloween custom. But when you’re thirty-five and working as the Administrative Director or Financial head of a multinational corporation, it might seem a bit out of place.

However, in the Anglo-Saxon world, “office trick-or-treating” is a thing, and adults thoroughly enjoy it. Instead of going door-to-door, you can simply exchange treats with your colleagues, creating a fun way to socialize and explore parts of the office you don’t usually visit.

5. Pumpkin Lantern Contest

The classic jack-o’-lantern is a universal symbol of Halloween. Across the Atlantic, there are numerous pumpkin carving competitions. Why not organize one in your office? You can set aside a half-day for this activity or ask employees to prepare their masterpieces at home and bring them to the office for display. To encourage participation, consider rewarding the best creation with a prize.

6. Costume Day

Dressing up is always fun! Plan an evening or a costume day where employees can get creative with their outfits. You can even hold a costume contest with various categories like the most elaborate costume, the most original, and the most terrifying.

7. Allowing Halloween Freedom

Halloween isn’t just a day for spooky celebrations; it’s also the eve of All Saints’ Day. Many employees may use this holiday to visit their families, pay respects to their departed loved ones, or simply enjoy a long weekend. To accommodate this, consider being more flexible with office hours on October 31st. You’ll be surprised at how increased flexibility can boost productivity in the morning.


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Originally posted 2023-10-14 16:24:15.