3 Times When You Need to Use a Video Measuring Machine

In the world of manufacturing and production, you will find many tools that can help you with the process. Whether you manufacture parts with injection molding or another method, one of the key tools to use through the process is a video measuring machine.

The machines feature precise lenses that can capture video content of parts or products and do a full analysis of them. Throughout the manufacturing process, you will find multiple times where a video measuring machine comes in handy.

1. New Part Inspection

Anytime you create a new part for a product, you want to ensure the part functions the way it’s supposed to and meets all of your quality needs. With a video measuring machine, you have the opportunity to inspect new parts, check their quality, and detect anything wrong. The new part inspection will help monitor the quality of materials and ensure the production quality meets your standards.

Instead of just eyeing the product, the video measuring machine will have parts and features that can zoom in, see angles you cannot, and provide you with any concerns that you need to fix before you go into full-scale production.

Once you make the changes, you can run the new parts right back through the machine and see the differences. The report comparisons will give you a clear example of the differences and allow you to make the best decisions on production.

2. Part Specifications

When you have parts, you want to ensure those parts fit exactly where you need them to. Parts with the wrong size or shape can cause major issues with the production of larger elements. The use of a video measuring machine will give you access to exact part specifications.

The advanced tools found in a video measuring machine will take measurements how you need them and ensure the specifications match your needs. Along with basic measurements like length, width, and height, the advanced features of the machine can also supply volume and density. Once you have the full results, you can make changes as needed and run the elements through the video measuring machine again.

The computers built into the machines can save results and give you reference points to come back to in the future.

3. Rushed Production Orders

In some cases, you may need to rush or push forward a production order. You do not want to go through that process without some proper quality control. To keep production moving at a steady pace, you can rely on a video measuring machine to complete multiple tasks.

Instead of dedicating work time to individual measurements and inspections, allow the video measuring machine to complete the tasks and speed up the process. While the machine does the work, you can focus on other production aspects and ensure your rushed orders get out on time.

With these elements, you will utilize a video measuring machine on a regular basis. Make the machine a key part of your manufacturing process and see the differences it will make in the long run.

Originally posted 2023-11-24 02:50:08.